Reviews: Project Almanac

Funny, but lacking.

The comedy in Project Almanac is genuinely funny, and perfectly reflects what would happen if you gave a bunch of nerdy teenagers a time machine. Cheat at school, go to parties, draw on your past self with a sharpie while they sleep... Itís a whole bunch of fun wish fulfillment. Where the movie mainly falls flat is the drama.

Time Ripple Effects set off by the protagonists only ever lead to catastrophic consequences. Never do we see a positive outcome that wasnít intended, not even as a punch line.That isnít to say that morals about the consequences of actions are bad, as they could be used particularly effectively with a cast of teenagers. What really makes the whole dramatic plot line pointless is that in the end there is no lesson to be learned: everything is reset to square one, and despite the camera having Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, the protagonists do not.

The movie contains other flaws as well. Despite being a bunch of nerds who discovered frickiní time travel, characters often fail to think non-linearly. Common sense is ignored to accelerate the plot, which is mainly consumed by them getting the time machine to work in the first place. The amount of male gaze directing the camera is annoying and inexcusable as it is mainly operated by the main characterís sister. And like many found footage films, it has no real need to be a found footage film.

Overall there are simply better films that fit the genre out there, while supplying the comedy, drama or romance viewers may crave from Project Almanac.

Project Almanac

The movie is definitely worth a watch. High school movies are usually bad, but this one is very different. I love independent films. The sub plot of love is very enthralling and apropos for teenagers.

Not very original, but very well done

I saw the movie today, and while its not very original, it actially works very well and keep consistent, one thing that i liked about the movie is how any caracther do something stupid just without reason and actually have to think about what they are gonna do.