Reviews: Passchendaele

Completely Missing The Point

For the case nobody has noticed: this movie is completely missing the point! Instead on concentrating on the actual war, battle, and soldiers' psychology, it is a melodramatic romance between a shellshocked soldier and a nurse. And a sappy one at that. It spends little more than the last half an hour on the actual battlefield, but the whole rest of the movie telling the relationships between the four main characters (exceptionally especially between Dunne and Nurse Mann), 3000 miles away from Passchendaele. When he finally is drafted, and about to be shipped to France, the film simply skips forward three months (therefore skipping the training, the shipping, the arrival, every battle before that, etc). At this point of time, Dunne already found his brother-in-law, and the battle being already nearly over. And the movie, too.