Reviews: Mrs Doubtfire

A timeless comedy gem

As the beloved Robin Williams has sadly died, I decided to review my favourite of his films and also my favourite live-action film of all time, the flawless and unforgettable Mrs. Doubtfire.

In my opinion, no live-action movie has ever been as beautifully written and constructed as this movie. It is, and always will be, a masterpiece that makes the most of every element of a comedy. The story is perfect, the jokes are varied, funny, and never out of place, the characters are all believable, and there's plenty of heart and human emotion. Robin Williams's performance as the titular woman is, in my opinion, absolutely untouchable. He's so perfect as Mrs. Doubtfire that at times, I actually forget that she's actually Daniel Hillard, the main character, in disguise. That's the main reason why this movie works - its central central is incredibly strong and a joy to watch both as a man and as a woman. The other characters are great, too. Miranda is a very relatable character, the children are delightfully cheeky, and even Stu, played by Pierce Brosnan, is cool and charming.

Narrative-wise, this movie can barely be improved. The charisma of Robin Williams and everything he says and does makes every scene feel special. The character and plot development is spot-on, really making the viewer see these characters are real, living people. It's one of those great movies where you can switch it on at almost any time and jump right in. The film's personality is absorbing; we know that at some point, Daniel's disguise is going to come off, and the film gets increasingly funnier as his act gets less and less convincing. It's a family movie that really is for families. There is some mild to moderate swearing and innuendo in the movie, so it's not for young kids, but older children will definitely enjoy it.

And as for the ending... well, I'm not going to give it away, but let me just tell you that it is truly magnificent. The final words that Mrs. Doubtfire has to say will always be in my heart, and they continue to be tear-jerking to this day. If you haven't seen Mrs. Doubtfire, you absolutely must. It's a gorgeous movie that delivers everything that a good family comedy should deliver - an exceptional story, excellent characters, loads of good humour and a message that everyone needs to hear and understand. Thank you, Robin Williams, and goodbye.