Reviews: Jack Reacher

Actually an interesting mystery plot, but led by a Mary Sue

The funny thing about this mystery is that they tell you exactly what happened right at the very beginning of the film. But then you're left wondering why it happened at all. And that's an interesting story.

But then Jack Reacher comes on the scene, and he's basically a Mary Sue. Badass loner, pro fighter, super-smart, makes friends without trying, and anyone who doesn't like him must be a bad guy (whoops, spoilers.)

Just an example. Jack is on the run from the police in a massive chase. He steps out of the vehicle and lets the car he stole roll down the street (and presumably crash into some parked cars) while police sirens can be heard from a block away. A crowd of complete strangers at a bus stop see him do this.

And then those strangers actively help him blend in and hide him from the police. What?

Yeah. If this was made into with a better-written character leading the investigation case, it would be a great movie. In its current state, you can just tell everything is going to go his way because Jack Reacher is just everything the writer fantasizes he was.