Reviews: Its A Wonderful Life

Very good film hurt by the Christian message (but not the way youíd think).

I just finished watching this film for the first time (Iím from Israel). All in all itís a very good film, but the last act felt very out-of-place. Ironically, the whole It's a Wonderful Plot thing is what hindered its Trope Namer; a How We Got Here moment and a character explaining to George just how important heís always been would have fit the filmís general tone of human, not divine, generosity much better.

Still, itís a wonderful film, very well acted, directed, and written (albeit suffering from some Values Dissonance, with scenes of what is essentially sexual assault Played for Laughs), with a social message that echoes and resonates with great force and rings extremely true these days—it felt much less like Glurge than Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped.

So, 8.8/10.