Reviews: Imagine Me And You

So much wasted potential

This film had potential to talk about coming to terms with previously unrealized sexuality, but unfortunately this was not the case.

It has its moments- the bits in the flower shop with the customers were entertaining, and Heck is a genuinely likable character. It's the two female leads and the main plot, however, that are the failings of this film. There's never really any explanation of how or why Rachel suddenly and randomly falls in love with Luce. She just sort of... does. She carries on a secret emotional- and at one point almost physical- affair with this woman who she hardly knows. Why not talk to her husband and say "I think I'm attracted to women"? Heck's a nice guy, he'd have sat down and listened!

As it is, the two women act rather deplorably. Had they any real chemistry or development, then maybe I would have liked them better. Had Luce not willingly been a homewrecker and had Rachel not been so clearly indifferent to her husband's feelings (her "apology" is one of the funniest scenes in the film, unintentionally so, due to the complete lack of any genuine feeling in it), I might have cheered for them. As it is, they both act rather poorly and are rewarded for it, and we, the audience, are expected to cheer for it and laud it as true love. The whole thing seems shallow and forced, and Piper Perabo's shoddy acting really doesn't do much for it either. Take out her character and the main plot and you'd have had something fairly entertaining, but what we have is just a series of set pieces placed around a pair of leads who give us zero reasons to care about them or their relationship.