Reviews: Hush

Interesting idea, executed poorly

When my friend told me the plot of this movie my thought was, "wow that sounds new and interesting!" But after watching it my thoughts were, "wow that idea was new and interesting, but the movie itself is just another bland horror film."

A good deal of the issue is that NO ONE HAS A PASSWORD PROTECTED PHONE! I mean, I get that the main character lives alone in the woods. She lives alone so why should she lock her phone? It might just be me, but this bothered me. But then even her friend just leaves her phone unlocked the whole time!

Ok enough if me nit picking some stupid detail I cared too much about. The killer is not scary. The mask is basic but still sort of creepy. But then he takes it off before we are even half way through the movie! Part of what makes a slasher movie scary is that we don't know who the killer is. It could be anyone or anything behind the mask. But here it's just some guy. Not a big reveal of someone we know (not that there enough characters in the movie to do that) or the other frequent cliche of a disfigured or scary face. The killer is just not scary. I know that tons of horror movie have killers without masks or physically scary parts. But this guy just isn't scary at all. He just seems like some idiot that has a vendetta against our main character's writing.

Maddie is a deaf writer who lives in the middle of the woods. These two facts are just easy ways to have her alone. Its lazy. And the boyfriend was pretty much just there to give the killer extra fodder. (Also, the killer says hes a cop and the boyfriend believes it?) Maddie also has the peripheral vision of a dalek. By that I mean she literally never sees the killer when all she would have to do would be move her eyes.

In then end this movie provided my friends and I with a fun afternoon of laughs. It had an interesting idea that just ended up like every other cliche slasher horror flick. But I'm sure there are people who consider this a masterpiece. To those people I say "good for you".