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<Love is a Cruel Dumb B*tch, when you love a Cruel Dumb B*tch>: the Movie
This film is nice, it has comedy, it has romance, it has nice characters, it has awkward date situations which you understand and believe in, and everything is fine until Forced Drama occurs by the hands of the local Big Bad. Who, by some unfortunate circumstances, is referred to as the protagonist's love interest. The Plot from this point on consists of her listening to one short phrase, (mis)understanding it in an uncommon and totally inverted way, getting absurdly mad, going to a supposed date with the main hero, gulping down a bottle of wine directly from the bottle, breaking some furniture, throwing salad, and ruining his career and happy family lives of a great number of people. And she wasn't even interested in what truly happened. She asked no questions - she just went on a rampage. And after that, protagonist foolishly wastes all the remaining time to make peace with her. Though yes, the idea of "You can't control who you're in love with - even if she is a hysterical dumb ax-crazy bastard shithole - deal with it!" is understandable, it doesn't help to feel that the only ways for a really HAPPY ending was to beat the heroine in the face with a metal chair until the smarter and softer one of the two breaks down from the damage suffered. And then, probably, anal rape her with the broken chair's leg. Current ending is so very sad compared to this oportunity, that I still cry when imagining their life together.
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