Reviews: Grease

Great songs, meh story

Let's face it: the reason why this movie was so big back in The '70s wasn't due to its story, it was due to the choreography & music! The songs are infectiously catchy, and John Travolta is coming off high after Saturday Night Fever.

The plot, though? It's just...ehhhhh.

Maybe it's because I hate how Fictionland tends to make High School far more important than it really is in Real Life, but I have a hard time caring about the problems of oversexed white teenagers from The '50s. Speaking of sex, you can tell this film was made at the height of the pre-AIDS sexual revolution due to how obsessed everyone is with doin' it, and pregnancy is only brought up once and then ignored. And one of the female characters is even shamed for not having sex. (Seriously, "lousy with virginity"? Ugh). Whatever happened to sex being sacred? Maybe I'm just too conservative (ironic, for a movie about The '50s).

Anyway, the songs are great & the dancing is even better! Just don't expect a cinematic masterpiece. Overall score: 7.5/10.