Reviews: Godzilla Final Wars

My favorite Godzilla movie

This movie is... controversial to say the least. Some people rank it as one of the best Godzilla movies, and others rank it as one of the worst, and there doesn't seem to be any middle ground between "BEST MOVIE EVAH!" and "THIS MOVIE SUCKS!". I fall under the "love it" side.

One thing I really liked about this movie is the human action scenes. The mutant fighting and Captain Gordon's manliness are very entertaining and helps keep you interested between monster scenes. Many people criticize this part, however, claiming they watched to movie to see Godzilla, not ripoffs of The Matrix. Still, this isn't a flaw that's unique to this film. All movies are mostly human scenes, and, unless pulled off extremely well, all end up as distractions from the monsters, only it's boring dialogue instead of relatively well-choreographed fight scenes.

Another thing I liked is how Godzilla is used. People complained about how Godzilla barely appeared until an hour in and then just owns all the opposing monsters, but that's part of what made this movie so cool. This movie is basically "Godzilla is Badass: The Movie", and the entire movie is set up to showcase Godzilla's badassery. The first hour sets up the overwhelming odds that humanity faces against the all powerful alien race and their army of monsters... and then Godzilla shows up and annihilates the opposition, proving why he is the King of the Monsters. Sure, he's an Invincible Hero, but he's invincible like Arnold Schwarzenegger is invincible in his movies: showy.

This entire movie basically runs on Rule Of Cool and doesn't take itself very seriously at all. For people who like darker and more "mature" movies, that's probably a downer. Me? I personally love it for those same reasons. If you want a deep and meaningful story, there are other movies, but if you simply want an wild flick that celebrates Godzilla's awesomeness, then check this out. This might not be the "best" Godzilla movie (that title's taken), but it is the most entertaining, and that's why it's my favorite Godzilla movie.