Reviews: God Bless America

Epic, Awesome and Epicawesome

What happens when you toss the Kubrick film adaptation of Lolita (due to the idea of an older man and a teenage girl on a cross-country trip with a lot of crime, though instead of child molestation, it's murder), Natural Born Killers (cross-country murder trip combined with satire of the culture of the time period) and Idiocracy (obvious) in a blender? Literally? A lot of dust. Figuratively? This movie. Now, I'll admit, I'm extremely left wing. Like, you cannot guess how left wing. If you're right wing, don't watch this movie. In fact, just being on the Tv Tropes page for this movie is a bad idea. This movie is more left wing than Jon Stewart. Much, much more. What I liked about this movie? Pretty much everything. Seeing as I can't put spoilers, let's just put it this way. If you've ever seen reality TV or the right wing pundits on Fox News or any of those crazy Tea Party assholes, or just some small scale assholery and are left wing, this movie is for you. It's also on Netflix, and has one of the highest ratings, for good reason. Get some popcorn or a box of Skittles, hijack a friend or family member's flatscreen if you lack one and watch it. And, if you're so inclined, watch it again with this drinking game: any time you spot an obvious parody of a real reality TV show, take a shot. Any time you spot an obvious stand-in for a real event or person, take a shot. Any time Roxy's bad aim defies the laws of physics, take a shot.