Reviews: Gamera Vs Viras

Gamera vs. Viras

I do not like this movie. At. All. Although the Gamera suit seems okay, and the effects for his opponent, Viras, are well done, but there's really nothing good here. The music is just awful, and the use of stock footage is so blatant. It's one thing when the aliens are trying to understand Gamera's origin by probing the minds of the little boys, but it's quite another when the film switches from color into black & white when Gamera attacks Toyko, and the difference in the Gamera suit from Gamera vs. Barugon and the other movies is quite apparent, as that is the fiercest of the Showa Gamera suits. And then of course, wwe have the children themselves...I hate them. I hate them, hate them, hate them, at last until they tell the military not to be concerned with their lives and to attack the aliens. That earned them some degree of respect from me, but not much. Now, they are resourceful, I'll give them that as well, but it was also their own damn fault that they got into their predicament in the first place! Not to mention, screwing around with the controls of that submersible, shich easily could have resulted in the deaths of their fellow scouts or the scientists testing it, was just criminal. The plot of this movie was badly written, and the sheer childishness is very offputting, at least to me. Now, this film may be a great way to introduce young children to Gamera, but that may be all that it is good for. This film is the start of Gamera's descent into a dark place that he would not return from until 1995. To put it bluntly, this film hurt me in metaphorical ways that I cannot describe.