Reviews: Earth Girls Are Easy

Cheesy fun

Pretty much any reason for fans of more serious, substantial films to hate this flick are why I love it. It's silly, cheesy, so 80s it hurts, the songs stick in your head for days, the plot exists because everyone's either a ditz or a nutjob, it's loud and crazy. It's the kind of movie you bring to a bad movie night or a sleepover and just absorb yourself in the cheesy fun.

That said, there are some genuine and human moments. Valerie does have kind of a character arc where she realizes her guy's a dud and she's better off with someone who cares about her, while Candy's a ditz who gives unhelpful advice but is still a true friend. And when Valerie goes off with Mac at the end it feels...I wouldn't say legit and organic because of the kind of movie this IS but I couldn't help rooting for them anyway.

But overall, this is just...silly fun, and lots of it. The scene I remembered the most after watching the tail end on TV 10 years ago was in the hospital where the aliens convinced Ted he was going bonkers.

Also, there's a cat. Not a major focus, but still a cute one.