Reviews: Dark City

Please watch the director's cut

I enjoyed and loved this movie. Okay this movie is good, and yet I do not know any of the actors except keither sutherland. And it works for the eponymously named dark city. While the pacing is slow, at times it builds the mystery of the movie and as a result lead to a satisfying ending. I know people will complain that the main character is somehow seen as the chosen one, yet as the movie continues it explains all the mysteries and why the character is the way he is. Also some characters are sort of underdevelopped. Additionally, if you are not a fan of noir or neo-noir, you may not like it. Actor Keither Sutherland plays an interesting character and also the one who dumps the necessary exposition. And it works in this movie. It is dumb to me at least that most of the movies in the 2000s do include gimmicky plot twist that has not been foreshadowed to expect to make sense. But Dark City kept me entertained with its mood, setting and atmosphere. A well executed story from director Alex Proyas, co-written by David Goyer. Yes, David Goyer, the dude who ruined Blade 3. The other complaint that I have with the movie is the unecessary death(no not a girl this time), which I feel was just hamfisted to make a gimmicky resolution to a foreshadowing that has been stated before. I recommend to watch this one for any movie buff who is a fan of nor or neo-noir.