Reviews: Blank Check

A dumb plot with no likeable characters, but I've seen worse

Preston is poor, and picked on for being poor. So naturally, Preston will soon become rich through contrived circumstances. Circumstances that conveniently allow for bad guys to exist as a threat, while allowing the kid to avoid getting in trouble for his dishonesty. Simply put: a man who was planning to launder a million dollars accidentally runs over Prestonís bike, and quickly hands him a blank check to get out of trouble. Preston fills in that check using his computerís printer and gives himself a million dollars. He then proceeds to buy a small castle using the assumed name Mr. Macintosh, a form of recurring Product Placement as he happens to be Prestonís brand of computer.

Preston soon spends this money buying everything he wants, giving himself an amusement park, and presenting himself as Mr. Macintoshís assistant, which apparently allows him to order a bunch of unquestioning adults around, and also for some reason date a woman 3 times his age, who originally fell for the "assistant" scam, but soon falls for the kid instead. But soon the adults start to demand to meet Mr. Macintosh and start to demand their pay, Preston runs out of money, and the bad guys show up to collect. Yes, a million dollars can be blown that quickly, especially for someone whoís not used to having and saving money. An important lesson.

Home Alone Antics soon ensue, as Preston has learned in his 6 days of owning a castle, how to use the castleís layout to trap or trip up the bad guys in cartoonish ways. When the cops show up, the bad guys falsely identify themselves as Mr. Macintosh, resulting in them being arrested for Prestonís money abuse in addition to their own crimes.

The movie is really stupid. Thereís a lot of dialog and behavior (like some of the things he spends money on) that makes no sense for a kid. Every character is unlikeable in some way Ė the bullies are unlikeable for being bullies (and Preston does briefly get to show them up), Prestonís family all dumps on him, all adult characters are weird or immature or condescending or mean, and Preston himself is an unrealistic and painful hybrid of mature and immature. When everyone in the movie sucks, you either root for no-one, or whoever sucks the least. Preston was easily the most likeable character, and he won. Go Preston.