Reviews: Bitter Lake

Not bad for the first Furry movie, good but not great.

I did not expect this to be a super great movie, but it was not a disappointment either. It had excellent voice acting and a interesting plot. The fight sequence at the end was terrible. One thing that bothered me is that the buildings in the filmed looked too modern for it to be set in the dark ages. An early scene that showed it rapidly switching from day to night time was very obviously fake looking. They did a very good job of creating an interesting fictional world in such a short time that I wish I could have seen more of it. I also liked the characters in the film a lot, but was disappointed that they didn't get more development. The fursuits that the actors wore were amazing and I really would like to have one that good. Some of slow scenes that were meant to be suspenseful didn't do a very good job of it and just took up time. In some scenes the inability of the character's to make facial expressions was detrimental, but in scenes with a lot of dialog the excellent voice acting and exaggerated body language made up for this, but not always. This is probably a big reason why the scenes that were meant to be suspenseful didn't work. Although the dialogue was extremely well written, the story itself was bit clichéd, but not to the point that it was entirely boring. The plot twists did add to the story but not by a whole lot, as a lot of them are a bit to easy to guess.

Overall, it is enjoyable enough to be worth watching even if you are not a Furry, but it certainly won't be the best movie you've seen. I give it a three out of five. Not a bad score for the first movie made specifically for the Furry Fandom, especially considering how limited the budget probably was. I hope more furry movies get made that are even better than this one. I would really like to see sequel or prequel to this but with a bigger budget and a better written story.