Reviews: Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher is a Bad Movie

This is the worst film I've ever seen. Maybe not in terms of production, but definitely in terms of entertainment. I hated this protagonist so much that its hard to sum it up in words.

A pretty good comedy

It seemed comedies, or at least the ones I've seen lately, often have those moments where it's suddenly dramatic. I always hated these moments or at least have bitter tastes towards them because it's not what you came to see in regards to a comedy. Some comedies pull it off, but others fall for the traps like the Third Act Misunderstanding and Cerebus Syndrome, such as a lot of the Adam Sandler movies. Bad Teacher, I thought, would end up like one of those movies. Turns out it didn't.

Our protagonist is such a manipulative bitch that part of me wanted her to get justice. However, some part of me also wanted to see her win, since, well, she's the protagonist with a set goal in mind. Because of this split sympathy, I was able to be on the edge of my seat as I wondered what will happen. Will Elizabeth get busted for her many crimes? Will she get away with it? That makes for a pretty good tension, and when one side eventually won, I didn't feel cheated. I felt satisfied.

I also liked the secondary characters and their many interesting quirks, and if more time was given to them, I would really like to see some more subplots with them, but the subplots that I did get were satisfactory as well. I don't think there's anything else for me to say but it satisfied me. Like Kyoryuger, it surprised me and actually made me like the movie. If you hate those kinds of movies where it's funny, and then suddenly pathos comes and smashes humor with a hammer (coughfunnypeoplecough) then I say give this movie a watch.