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A dull and uninspired version of a classic
While this wasn't as bad as the awful "The Polar Express", this animated version of "A Christmas Carol" directed by Robert Zemeckis feels mostly dull and uninspired.

The best thing that can be said about this movie, is that the plot remains mostly faithful to the one from the original book, but the animation style (Which actually isn't that good, looking most of the time as it were just a extremely long cut-scene from a video game) made this something very hard to enjoy, due the Uncanny Valley effect.

On the other hand, there wasn´t any kind of emotional involment with the story and the characters, feeling most of the time as an empty spectacle that without being terrible is completely forgettable.

For a much better animated version of "A Christmas Carol" see the short film from 1971 directed by Richard Williams, that was much better than this movie in every single aspect.
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