Reviews: hack EVA: Catharsis

Steve The Corn Muffin's review

This, quite frankly, is definitely one of the best kept secrets on The author effortlessly meshes both series together, utilizes the characteristic psychological analysis/deconstruction of .hack and Evangelion to great ability, has some well written action scenes, and great characterization. All the while respecting and staying true to both .hack and EVA and doing something completely new. The fic contains some interesting re-imagining of canon EVA events and characters, so those are also a real treat to see in action. Please keep in mind, there are A LOT of references to .hack characters and events, so those unfamiliar with .hack might have a hard time (but not too much) following. However, it is because of all these references to past .hack projects that make the fic such a treat for hardcore fans. The fic is also gracious with the Gurren Lagann and Fate Stay Night references, so it gets bonus points for that. Definitely worth taking a look at. *WARNING*: .hack addiction may ensue due to exposure due to this fic. You have been warned...

Comartemis' review

Yes, you read that right. It's a bonafide .hack/Evangelion crossover, and though this troper hasn't finished reading yet, he's already impressed enough to deem it worthy of this list. AlfheimWanderer has done a magnificent job of taking the best of the philosophical themes found throughout the .hack series and spelling them out in plain and simple terms, so even those who've played all the .hack games, seen the anime, and read the novels will probably find something new to think about here. The story as of chapter 11 seems to bear a closer resemblance to .hack//SIGN than any of the games; there isn't a whole lot of overt conflict against a concrete enemy (yet), but there is a lot of character development and exploration of the themes found in the .hack series; fans of the original quartet will be pleased to know that What Measure Is A Non Human is back in full force courtesy of Morganna and Lycoris being resurrected in Tokyo-3 via reality-warping backlash from a failed Third Impact.