Reviews: You Need To Get A Head


Don't get too attached. Your favorite character(s) die in this fanfic.

Cecidit is one cruel, twisted, and unfortunately talented author, and you bet he'll enjoy making you suffer.

Pretty well written though, and shows a side of humanity many don't know, or purposefully ignore.

Also, shoutout to the author, he has 3 sequels AND has animated most of those chapters, so check those out. Neato stuff. Completely worth the read.

Really, even after reading the entire trilogy, then reading ANOTHER entire (unrelated, and much longer) trilogy, a line from this story still sticks with me, and I can practically hear the character shouting it, I can even visualize the scene. This is how good it is.

Because someone, somewhere, has to give a damn!

YNTGAH and SITC review

This will talk about both stories.

The premise of the first story was, in no other blunt words, amazing. It had nice emotional depth and VERY subtle foreshadowing. Character development? Actually, if you know the story, and it is recommended, you'd see for yourself.

The sequel was long, but is worth the 40-chapter read. It's the perfect blend of funny and feels, not to mention reader awkwardness at some points. It's hard to see stories with moral questions, and they tend to be the great ones. It's got you thinking about things in life. Should they be treated as normal people or expendable insects? This one is unique in its own way.

Standing ovation necessary. This IS an excellent fanfiction, and I'm happy it's actually here.

Side note: Author loves comments and chatting. A lot. Author is extremely friendly and will not bite unless bitten. Approach with maximum acceptable affability. Drop a review on a fanfic of his and watch someone's day brighten like sunrise.