Reviews: Worlds Fall Apart

lanky's review

: I can't recommend it. While the premise is more or less solid, it drives Soun right into Ron The Death Eater territory during The Reveal... Not so much in his motive, but the perception everyone had for the reveal. We're supposed to believe that, more or less, everyone's memories were of the canon storyline... And everybody turns on Soun like he's a Complete Monster, when the way he presents it is as a case of Be Careful What You Wish For which the wish-granter refused to set right. Nobody has an ounce of pity for the man until the same Literal Genie enables the plot to move forward for no reason by choosing to "unlock" Ranma's old, female memories. The entire drama with Soun feels needlessly arbitrary and Narmy, especially given how much everyone overreacts compared the rest of the cast's behavior in canon.

Shay Guy's review

I second this recommendation, and would like to add that it actually helped me realize why I didn't like Genma's Daughter so much — because it wasn't Ranma. This is. This has comedy, and even though it doesn't neglect the drama, it never slips into melodrama. I was almost disappointed that it didn't have a scene in which Ranma (a tomboy, by the way) scoffed at the idea of playing a girly instrument like the violin. The biggest problem I saw aside from that is that the author has a bad case of Neal Stephenson syndrome — i.e., no denouement whatsoever.

Edit: Ah, yeah, forgot about Soun. No argument here, that's a major stumbling point. Thankfully, it improves once it gets away from that point.

Cryptic Mirror's review

I like this fic as it manages to capture the spirit of the series while still pulling off a plausible AU development. The pairing of Ryouga and Ranma doesn't feel forced or artificial as it does in many Ranma was a girl all along strips and the setup behind Ranma being a girl is well handled and sits well in terms of general feel of the series. That it uses all of the series tropes, Nabiki's money grabbing, the fianc├ęs, the incredibly competitiveness of Ranma and the lengths she'll go to to win anything and all the other wacky antics in the right places and right ways makes it just as much fun as the Manga itself. The only downside is that it is focused on Ranma, Ryouga and Akane means that the other characters get less screen time than the deserve, but their appearances are well placed and never feel just like cameos. Completed Fic. Ryouga and Girl Ranma romance. Also AU Fic.