Reviews: Willie GR

Selryam's review

I completely disagree. The writing is so bad, I could only read half a chapter of Undying Gensokyo. While I can't say anything about overall plot creativity, I wouldn't call his vocabulary, grammar, or characterizations anything above mediocre.

Kerreb17's review

He has proven to be not only a prolific author (currently has 18 completed fics and 4 works in progress) but a proficient author. Most of the 'Sukima' series and it's spin-offs are entertaining and quite funny, not to mention easy to read. In contrast, some of his works such as The Story of a Past Scarlet are much darker and emotional. His ability to play both the humorous and the morose is remarkable. The high level of his vocabulary, grammar, and characterizations continue to prove him to be a recommended author.

PMiller1's review

I've only read that 1st (and maybe a half of the 2nd) one and all the spin-off, I I have to say it Funny and Awesome at the same time.