Reviews: Wild,Sweet

Wild, Sweet & Cool

This fic presents the reader with a unique and interesting idea without submitting to many of the cliches of the fandom. Often, authors take a story idea such as this one and make it a one shot, but this story adds a solid plot to an already solid concept. It also left out any romantic interest, despite the fact that it oozes the opportunity for shipping. Even when the two are stuck together. In an fandom where there is are copious shipping stories, this stands out as something that is good simply for the story line. My only major issue was some of the character portrayal. While what was done with the characters was interesting, they were OOC when compared to the show, especially in Rainbow Dash's case. In the end, both her and Twilight seemed a little bland compared to the show and other fics of this quality. Overall Grade: 9/10