Reviews: What You Dont Know

Kilyle's review

Bit of Cringe Comedy as Rapunzel innocently tries to get info about the sort of stuff most people don't talk about; Eugene is too mortified to tell her himself, the Pub Thugs give a more raunchy version than necessary (before the conversation gets cut short), and soon Rapunzel is reading anatomical texts... in Eugene's room, after hours, as Eugene tries to control his reactions to her presence. On the whole, drags it out with hilarity and hits a good balance between the reactions of the main characters.


Intriguing character study with a dash of hard T kissing. Centers on a significant part of Tangled canon: Rapunzel has only ever known Mother Gothel, who kept her emotionally stunted and eternally childlike. How can she and Eugene have a physical relationship when she has no idea they exist? It deals well with Eugene's Character Development within the movie, and how that has changed his actions, has an interesting twist on the "Rapunzel having a nightmare" trend, and never crosses the line into OOCness or lemon. And, lest you think this is entirely funny, there is drama, as well. This story goes into the implications of Eugene's Meaningful Name, the issues with having a relationship with a princess, and the fact that Rapunzel and Eugene still have some major issues involving their respective upbringings.