Reviews: Veiled Path

Serroco's review

Main pairing is Ichigo/Rukia, but not the focus of this trilogy. It diverges from the canon plot, like taking place after a second war with Aizen and having a much larger roster of Ocs, namely Vizards, Modsouls and Bounts, but manages to work with it. The O Cs themselves are an interesting bunch, well-developed, well-intentioned or just plain likable, though there are plenty of others that really need a beating. It also manages to sneak in references to some of the other, non-manga elements introduced, such as featuring the Blanks from the first film, and subtly mentioning the Bakkoto and Senna's zanpakuto. There are only two nit-picks; the chapters are UNGODLY long, and takes quite a while for each to be released, but remains to be an very interesting and entertaining fic, well-worthy of your time.