Reviews: Unleash the Fury of the Djinn

Sabre's Edge's Review

Feonyx's writing has a lot going for it: he lists Terry Pratchett as one of his influences, and it shows. His prose style is quick and witty, the dialogue snappy, and the plot excellent. Rather troperiffic, too, as appropriate for a Pterry fan. At eleven chapters, it's a fair-sized read, but it's worth it all the way. The characterization does diverge slightly from what's found in the original games, but in this case it's definitely a good thing, considering the relative paucity of characterization within the games themselves. Additionally, fair warning: there is some romance between Isaac and Mia, and Garet and Jenna, but it's not a central element of the story (which was written long before Dark Dawn was released). Check out his other fics, too. His writing is extremely enjoyable.