Reviews: Uninvited Guests

Unable to Finish, but...

Well, I honestly tried reading this fanfic, but struggled to get past the first few chapters. I don't mind crackfic, but there is a point that I have my limits with how much I can take. I would like to say that nothing makes sense when it comes to the fanfic, yet despite the fact that everyone is psycologically acting the way they would if their personalities were pushed to the extreme. I think what I had a problem with is where some of the jokes were going, as I felt a little uncomfortable reading them. Compared to other crackfics I've read though, the author does do their job of planning out what they are going to do in each fanfic.

(Note: This is a copy of the review that I actually posted to the page for this fanfic... for some reason, they don't link up...)

lanky's review

If you can find a funnier Bleach fanfic, then I'll eat my non-existent Internet hat. If you can read this fic without having to stop at least once or twice a chapter to let your laughter die down enough that you can actually read it again, then you must lead a sad and depressing life and you have my pity. The only things wrong with it are 1) that you eventually run out of chapters to read, and 2) it will presumably someday end.

RFD's review

What I can only call Yandere Harribel/Halibel is frankly reaching critical levels of humor at this point. And it seems Aizen finally lost it a bit too. I honestly don't think the hilarity that comes from the random situations this story manages to create will ever cease.

Unsigned review

This troper has gotten many strange looks due to reading this in the school library. Beware uncontrolled laughter. Also, it brings up the question "Why doesn't this actually happen in the series?"

Ack Sed's review

Caveat: This fic lampshades and mocks plot holes and inconsistencies mercilessly. Don't read if you can't stand a little scrutiny of the series.