Reviews: Under One Roof

Something unexpected

In a sea of Fanfictions that center original characters based in wish fullfillment and Mary Sueisms, Under One Roof is not only a breath of fresh air, but a wonderfully put together story that expands and deepens Wammy House as an institution. The story is a collection of oneshots written from multiple points in time over the course of Wammy House prior, during, and after the Kira investigation. Many canon characters make an appearance -Near, Mello, Matt, Watari, Roger, L, even BB- but by and large, Wammy's House is written from the perspective of the writer's own characters, mostly the orphanage's teachers and students.

As a result of this story's Anachronic Order, This Troper's only criticism of Under One Roof would be that sometimes it is difficult to follow. Despite this, the worth in Under One Roof lies in its believably, not only in its setting, culture, and characters, but in its sincerity. Under One Roof provides the entire cast well deserved humanity in the face of an otherwise cold series - they are allotted pity as equally as they are allotted compassion, fear as often as they are allowed happiness, and other human emotions the original writers of Death Note avoided in order to focus on the plot. Certainly, the lives of these isolated geniuses are more bittersweet than they are fulfilling, but for the fact that This Troper mentions this goes to show that these characters, despite being original, are lovable, especially in the fanfic's last story that connects every character with a heartbreaking end worthy of a contemporary novel.

Last but not least, Under One Roof should be read with two things in mind: 1) patience and 2) an open mind. Due to preconceived notions of original characters, it's understandable that Under One Roof isn't as known as it should be, however, Under One Roof is by NO means a typical fanfiction, and its characters are anything BUT kawaii-eyed Mary Sues featuring teenage perfection and Vocaloid frames.

This Troper realizes that she's been gushing for a while, but she begs you to read it and make your own judgments. It's very much worth it.