Reviews: Un Lucky

One of the better things about the repugnant piece of fanfiction called the FCGB...

Before it got deleted on the "General Recommendations" page, I already made my case against the Financial Crisis Gangbang comic very clear. In short, I hated everything about this comic the same way Linkara hates Cry For Justice. From the horrific Character Derailment to the sickening portrayal of rape in general, I also lamented that it was also a case of wasted potential. To elaborate: "If this had been a story about good, decent people doing terrible things in the belief that it's for a greater good, that could've been an interesting idea worth exploring, something many of the sequels and spinoffs proved."

(Un)Lucky is one of the spinoffs that not only pulls this off, but executes a perfect triple lindy straight out of Rodney Dangerfield.

Firstly, I'll admit, this did have some flaws. The dialogue and writing style in general come off as a little pretentious, edging into Purple Prose territory sometimes. And while it's nice to see that the author Did Do The Research, at the same time, you want to make sure you're not going over the readers' heads every other paragraph. Also, some of the characterizations did bug me a bit (like Korea being both North and South, even though Word Of God confirmed Yong-Soo is only the South embodiment).

However, I'm willing to overlook these because this is a very well written piece, especially for the APH fandom and as a Recursive Fanfiction to something as disgusting and ugly as the FCGB Comic. The emotions, Canada's PTSD, and its effects on the people around him are heartbreakingly beautifully written. And despite the flaws I pointed out with the characterizations, it's still well done. The perpetrators are not the Complete Monsters they were colored up as in the comic; they were still good people who crossed the Moral Event Horizon in the misguided belief that it was for a good purpose. And I really appreciate that, especially due to the fact the the Ron The Death Eater treatment prominent in so many Hetalia fanfics has become a huge annoyance for me personally.

All in all, I would recommend this, but with a warning that it's not for the faint of heart. Rape and the resulting traumas are no laughing matter, and this fic can and will punch you hard in the gut with that fact.

Comment by DontQuestionIt

This story is an extreme tear-jerker, and is the cause of much heart ache. The story more focuses on Canada's aftershock and following depression, and the support and emotional roller coasters from the countries that didn't take part in his rape. It's extremely realistic and shows how such a heinous act effects everybody, even those not directly involved.