Reviews: UBW 1

Joining Reaper

UBW+1, to me, was enjoyable for around the first half of the fic. It really was an expansion of the Gilgamesh vs Shirou fight of the UBW route, and it conveyed to me the feeling of Shirou slowly becoming more skilled and more powerful and catching Gilgamesh off guard to win; the Underdog essentially, as he should be. However, that was for the first half. After a certain point (you will know it when you see it) the fic dips into the Parody category it has and becomes something I personally found to be less awesome and more ridiculous. Avoiding spoilers, I'll say that the fight after that point loses its intensity and tone, become more like a spectacle rather than a fight to the death. I would recommend the fic for the first half alone, though I will say people should be prepared to not take the last half too seriously.