Reviews: To My Death I Fight

Why this fanfic is worth your time

To be honest, I was at first a bit skeptic about the notion of crossing Bleach with Kl K; curious, yes, but skeptic.

45 Chapters in, and it's in my top 3 favourite fanfics of all time!

The writing is solid: hardly anything grammer-related comes to mind and the spelling is surprisingly accurate, considering the average length of each chapter (over 10,000 words!!).

The plot is simple enough to follow and doesn't take any unneccessary risks, but it's very easy to get absorbed in the story and find yourselves reading for over an hour or two.

The characters are spot-on, and the interactions between them are beautifully written: some of them 'complete' each other, others see their complete opposites and many clever and hilarious conversations are had (imagine, if you will, Orihime and Mako sharing the same imagine spot...)

The author himself(?) is very open to suggestions and criticism, not to mention how he tries to answer many (if not all) of the readers' questions, mainly concerning the balance of power between Bleach and Kl K - which the author handles in-story in a believable way, with explanations added for the sake of convenience.

To sum it all up, this story is well-worth your time and involvement (TV Tropes, DeviantArt etc.), so as soon as you're done reading this (long) review, give chapter 1 a try and hopefully you'll have yourselves a great time!

Seconding a notion

Very good fanfic, regrettably, the only Bleach/Kill La Kill fanfiction. Period. EDIT- until 6/9/2014

Involves a realistic plot advancement that involves most of the Karakura adult characters, including an "affair" with Isshin and Ragyo.

Right there, one can tell that this fanfiction is pushing a ton of original ideas. Combined with a liberal amount of Nui Forth Wall Breaking, Kamui Adaptation, and a decent novel length, this fanfiction is a well recommended read on a night where you have nothing else to do.

Granted, by the length, it may take more than one night.