Reviews: The Unfinished Portrait

So good, someone even got a prize for copying it

This fanfic is so good, someone in china copied sections of the original fic (in chinese) for a high school writing competition and won first place in that competition (because obviously the judges wouldn't know what Hetalia or fanfiction is). She didn't even bother changing the names (and used Ivan and Wang Yao) so obviously she got found out by the angry Hetalia fans after her work was published in an anthology (and she had the balls to claim that she "created these characters").

(link to article describing the copying here:

The best Rochu fanfic I've ever read

The Unfinished Portrait is easily the best Russia/China fic I've ever read. It's beautifully written and intriguing, and the author's portrayal of the characters is fantastic. I would recommend this fic to any and every Rochu fan out there - as long as they can deal with angst.