Reviews: The Steep Path Ahead

Very Good but with some scratches

Edited Review: I have made several Mistakes and I aim to correct them.

I misunderstood several things. For while I still do feel that the Churches plot was an idiot plot, it was not to the extent that i had made it out to be. Karin does not wimp out. The reasoning behind keeping Louise secret was still just as dumb, as it was indeed a poorly thought out way to make it AU, with the Cardinal acting stupidly and really just dumb. Weakening a stabilizing factor for the sake of petty revenge, claiming it was for justice, when it was personal, just as it was for Karin, which makes him a hypocrite in my eyes. He was sacrificing many things for the sake of petty revenge, a far cry from his self righteous bluster.

And the Harass the Valliere festival is still dumb. Allowing a foreign power to annually invade another, reducing many to beggars and yet the logic saying 'not enough to cause retaliation' Well that just makes the whole country look weak. it really is a dumb spot for the world building.

Still, the good I mentioned before is still there. It is a wonderfully original plot, with many cute moments with Saito and Louise along with a more than a few things to give you a good read.