Reviews: The Silent Kingdom

Good, but the bad shows

As I say in the title, this is not a bad fanfic, not at all. Firstly, it expands the Zelda world in a very convenient (far-off land, anyone?), but understandable, way, and the harmony is maintained. Characer interactions are good, though I feel the author made them accept the Hyruleans a bit too fast. The story linking the two places has a trong base, however, and makes for some good foreshadowing. Same goes for Ganondorf's backstory, which is fully preyed upon to add meat to the fic.

However, two things irk me to no end. First is the fight scenes, which are generally good, but sometimes fall into an overanalytical beige prose, or worse, the movements are downright absurd. Also, non-plot breaking injuries, even as grave as broken fingers, are forgotten one chapter later. Another is how much of a boner the author has for Link, throwing him on an extra-high pedestal, and if that wasn't enough, it wastes entire paragraphs - and not of the short kind - making completely unrelated characters muse about how great and beautiful and whatever Link is in Freedan's eye.

If these don't push your buttons, good for you, go right ahead and read it. The Silent Kingdom is not on par with masterpieces such as Exoria, but it's not bad either.