Reviews: The Short Life And Death Of Ishida Hubert

The Short Life and Death of Ishida Hubert: Review

Very cute and very funny; this fic has that rare balance of humour and realism that really makes a story stand out. Both Ryuuken and Uryuu are excellently characterised and the whole thing flows well - you're guaranteed to smile (and possibly smother giggles if you're reading this in a public space). :)

Fai-Mommy's review

A definite case of Better Than It Sounds. While the basic idea has all the makings of a horrible, pointless, fluff piece, the execution of this fic makes it truly enjoyable and completely hilarious. The characterization is the best part: Ryuuken is just the right mix of heartless bastard who doesn't know how to handle an overly sensitive kid, and well-intentioned dad who tries his best but screws up anyway. Uryuu's characterization is amazing, as he manages to be a realistic depiction of a kid—a true rarity in fanfic—as well as a nicely logical extrapolation on his canon characterization. Overall, it's an amusing, lighthearted comedy of errors, which I found especially delightful since these two can rarely be in a scene together without drumming up all kinds of angst.