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The "science stuff" in the synopsis isn't kidding. Very rarely does one find a fic that has been clearly well-researched. It also contains a lot of speculation on the sort of person Charlotte was before she became a witch as well as Mami's relationship with her parents. But best of all is Kyubey's narration. He may not understand human morality, but damned if he isn't willing to try using it against us. He goes so far as to accuse humanity of being hypocrites because we call him evil when he so callously uses the lives of magical girls to stave off entropy, comparing it to the slaughter of cattle for food (something that gets the story bonus points, considering it was completed well-before the airing of episode 11, where Kyubey used the exact analogy), and at the same time giving the impression that he's addressing the reader directly. It's a fantastic read and really helps me see Kyubey as an entertaining villain. I should warn you: It contains spoilers for up to episode 10 - and this is a series that churns out Wham Episodes like butter.
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