Reviews: The Right To Live

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  • Comments: One of the few fics that manage to successfully pull this premise off.
    • Kurtulmak: Note that this fic develops its characters slowly, and Naruto doesn't start her first day at the Academy until chapter 15! It may be a while before we reach the beginning of the manga. Still a charming, well-written story with a focus on good characterization.
    • Comartemis: Not one of the best, but definitely very well-written. What bugs me most about this fic is that it doesn't quite deliver what it says it does; Fem!Naruto comes equipped with a completely different background, laughably extreme abuse in her backstory that reads kinda like a very coherent and tolerable take on your standard "Naruto is beaten/raped/tortured/has his pants set on fire" backstory changes, and eventually develops into a completely different person. In short, this isn't a female version of Naruto, it's a Gender Swapped Possession Sue. A good one, sure, but not Fem!Naruto.
      • This Troper disagrees on that last past the difference between Naruto's canon self versus how s/he turns out in this story could actually be considered the truest form of For Want Of A Nail, in terms of the original poem: one key detail altered, and the ultimate outcome is changed dramatically because of it. Would the matron have considered a male Naruto as a mockery against the memory of her dead daughter? Sadly, we'll never know for sure, but because that this version of Naruto is even more emotionally abused than the canon version ever was, and thus sought out to find even more ways to overcome those feelings.