Reviews: The Returnto Gravity Falls

Here\'s what I think

The number's don't lie; it's the most reviewed GF story on that site, and for good reason. The storylines are well-developed, the Canon characters are captured perfectly, the OC's mesh into the group dynamic easily, and the story itself has George R.R. Martin levels of extensiveness. There is so much going on that the story has it's own canon, which is also canon to the original show, somehow. If you start to read it, prepare yourself for one wild ride. If there is anything wrong with it, it's this; the spelling and grammar are a little off, and it takes getting used to. But the biggest problem with it is that it is not completed. If you don't like unresolved cliffhangers, it's probably not the story for you. But it's definitely worth check out of you want something to last a while.