Reviews: The Prisoner

A very dumb story

Maleficent enjoys being evil and doing everything evil that she can

Portraying her as sympathetic and a more neutral character is an insult

reading this made me disgusted and the fact that you tired looking at the film to deeply doesn't help

A very compelling read

The Prisoner explores the idea that things aren't always happily ever after. Both Aurora/Briar Rose and Maleficent recieve much more characterization than canon, including just why Maleficent was so angry at not being invited to Aurora's christening. In this story, Maleficent is less a Chaotic Evil being of incredible power and more a Chaotic Neutral immortal that largely wants to be left alone. It should be noted that Merryweather, Fauna, Flora, and Prince Philip aren't bashed or derailed so much as they simply can't or refuse to comprehend anything that clashes with their world-view.