Reviews: The News Article Significance

Detailed, Deep, and Damn Good!

This is probably one of the best fanfictions in the series's category - Most definitely one of the better ones I've read on a whole. Unless you're a rabid thirteen-year-old girl who hates it when people write about a pairing she despises, there's hardly a reason not to give this a try.

The main pairing is, of course, Sheldon/Penny, but this doesn't overtake the series like it does in many other entries in the fanfiction world. This is a plus, and as you read on, you'll realize that you prefer it this way. There's no real romantic scenes until much later (And even then, it's skirting over like fine blades over smooth ice). You get so much out of this story without it being overly stuffed with romance, that it's actually a great treat when those scenes come along. To top it all off, Sheldon and Penny's interactions with each other (And everyone else around them) are in-character, believeable, and, at times, very touching.

The best part about the fanfic has to be the fact that, while the overall scheme is non-canon, the character interactions, dialogue, and attitude are so terrific that they actually seem like they could be part of the show. Hell, they even manage to make Leonard and Amy work out - Granted, it's not such a glacial-smooth transition as the titular couple, but it works. (That may just be my own opinion, though.) The author obviously knows and connects with these characters well, which equates to an enjoyable time.

Not only that, but the backstory for Penny is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. You'll be wondering to yourself why it isn't canon if you read it. Go on and see for yourself.

Good story, good grammar, and a well-executed idea. At a whopping 750 reviews for this piece - And growing day by day - I can tell I'm not the only one who is amazed by this wonderful story. In addition, this is most certainly NOT a deadfic. The author uploads a new chapter every couple of days - Quite a feat, considering the quality of each one.

Whether you're a hardcore shipper, just a passerby, or in it for the sheer crack, this fanfic is a must-read. Recommended for Shenny fans out there and anyone who has an open mind and enjoys all elements of fiction. Crowning moments of funny, awesome, and heartwarming ensue.