Reviews: The Mouse Of Konoha

Detailed, Good, Not for Everyone

Mouse of Konoha is excellently written and superb. However, while it is all of these things, it is not focused, and it does not care to get to the point. These can also be considered strengths. There is a whole world here, and Naruto is complicated, intricate, and has a serious depth. This also means that he does a lot of stuff, and not all of it is panic-inducing, flying by the seat of pants type stuff. Sometimes he just goes to the store. And sometimes that becomes something very important, but sometimes it is just Naruto going to the store.

I still, absolutely, recommend this, especially for anyone who wants to see a much more subtle type of ninja.


Pertinent details: Young Naruto, not much romance, lots of intrigue, not canon, very long (300,000+ words i think), slow update schedule, PG-13 ish