Reviews: The Lone Flower

Kitsu's review

Fourthed by someone who started watching Buffy because of this series. The Angel bashing really does seem to be something that really depends on the reader, as stated above, but when the reason behind it was explained This Troper didn't mind it too much. Also, the unresolved issues on the Buffy side of things were actually much more resolved than in the canon version of that season.

Comartemis' review

Thirded by another troper who doesn't know jack about Buffy, but it is a bit confusing at first not knowing who many of the major characters are. Also, this may be a matter of personal interpretation, but to me the Angel bashing comes across more as Fantastic Racism on Jushiro's part than as any bias the author may have.

Rogue 7's review

Speaking as someone with no knowledge of Buffy, I enjoyed it. Can't tell if it's technically done or in progress (there are plot issues left unresolved), but an enjoyable read. Zaraki and Yachiru in particular are very funny to read.

Akatsuki Daybreak's review

A very original variation on an overdone plot. All the characterizations are right on and many of the interactions are priceless. The only thing to dislike is some Angel bashing in the second story, but the excellent writing makes up for it.