Reviews: The Good Left Undone

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  • Comments: A very well written fic about Naruto being transported via an unstable seal trap into the jungle of Felucia, the day before Order 66 is given. He must adapt to this strange new galaxy, and I believe it shows how a confused Naruto deals with space travel, the Force, and blasters quite nicely. The early pacing is slightly rushed, with Aayla learning the Shinobi arts from Naruto and Naruto learning about technology from her. Also nicely avoids the pit of the clone troopers being emotionless weak-minded mooks, giving them personality but also keeping them true to canon.
    • YMMV on the quality of the above work. It very liberally uses malegaze, especially in the early chapters, and falls into the "Shinobi are way more badass than anyone else" viewpoint that many crossover works stumble into.