Reviews: The Gentleman Of Weapons

Grand Prince Paul II's review

One of the best and the most realistic Avatar-AU I have ever read. Especially the plot line around Ozai's family is absolutly intriguing and unpredictable.

Lavanya Six's review

An AU fic with a really strong character voice. With the fall of Ba Sing Se and Omashu years ago, Piandao has a plan to bring about the downfall of the victorious Fire Nation, but Iroh opposes him at every turn. The character interaction between Piandao and a cast of thousands is a major draw; nearly everyone from canon makes an appearance, often in very surprising ways. There's a refreshing portrayal of Azula being mostly outclassed and isolated from the start, reduced like the rest of her family to an extraneous pawn in the chess game between Iroh and Piandao. The author also pulls no punches with the battle scenes.