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A fantastic read
This fic is awesome. The characterization is awesome. The quest is awesome. The continued world building is awesome. (All is not well, we've got the wizard equivalent of Neo-Nazis trying to rewrite history and the future.) But the real icing on top are the O Cs. They are complex, well developed, entertaining as hell and their interactions and relationships with Potter-the-younger are intricate and compelling. I heartily recommend this story with one warning: while there is a prequel and the later years are outline you'll be left wanting much more. Seriously, I despair of ever enjoying another continuation fic because I know Prince and Morty won't be there.
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just finished it, toying with the idea of a reread
Lovely fic, enjoyed it from start to finish. Also enjoyed how the Slytherin house did take its toll on Albus but in the subtlest of ways; he ends up becoming something of a smarmy, ambitious little git but still comes out the other side of his first year with the hallmarks honesty and bravery (and recklessness) that are pretty much infused into the Potter-Weasley bloodline. His relationships with all of his friends are well written and natural but the fascinating, complicated friendship he develops with the OC Albert Prince was my favorite, if only because he's a psychopathic Weasley twin on speed with a predilection for absolute barminess and a fanboyish obsession with wizarding history. He has his own spinoff and believe me, the character merits it.
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