Reviews: The Point Of Divergence

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  • Comments: Interesting for managing to make Sakura both a villain and The Woobie.
    • JasonCarter: A good read, but I'd like to point out that this fic suffers from occasional extreme Rouge Angles Of Satin. Case in point, the author somehow manages to confuse "Perpeptual" with "Peripheral". Further, there is one glaring plot hole: Sakura sees Naruto in Kyuubi mode, and because of this goes completely psychotic. Later, other members of the cast find out and have their memories erased. This raises the obvious question: Why weren't Sakura's memories of Naruto in Kyuubi mode erased? Her entire psychosis is due just about entirely to seeing Naruto in Kyuubi mode. I mean, it's patently obvious.
      • A combination between Danzo's interference in her 'treatment program' and the part where Sakura was specifically stated to have been borderline schizophrenic all along. Seeing Naruto in Kyuubi mode (and Sasuke's death) was the trigger of her mental meltdown, but not the root cause.
    • phoku: The story only pretends to be a For Want Of A Nail fic. Rather the Powers That Be coddle their new Golden Boy, while Sakura experiences a continuous Diabolus Ex Machina. This is taken to Fairy Tale extremes and is an original and interesting genre shift. However the execution is muddled up, following the typical Gary Stu power progression is plainly boring and you might want to skip lot of Characters spending their time discussing poor (but awesome) Naruto. If you don't like it by chapter 6 stop - or try reading only the Bad Guys parts.