Reviews: The More Things Change

Thrythlind's review

I actually started with pursuit, but indeed this is an exceptional story, one of those that got me started.

antvasima's review

One of the most enjoyable 90s stories. Warmly recommended.

Mythic Fox's review

Supposedly the rest of Pursuit of Happiness was written at some point but the site had been more or less abandoned by then. It now, as the legend goes, only exists in the form of a compressed ZIP-style file in an obscure format that has been linked to but is never found at the link's target.

Cryptic Mirror's review

Fourthed, there is also the sequel The Pursuit of Happiness, from the looks of the page though this is on shaky ground so downloading it might be an idea unless anyone has another source.

Nate The Great's review

Thirded. Great use of the various relationships between the characters.

Looney Toons' review

Seconded. But it's not so much Ranma shoving them off as Fate reshuffling things after Ranma and Akane get their act together so that the same kinds of things still happen, just to different people. Oh, and keep an eye out for an unexpected cameo in the form of the master who taught Ryoga how to use a combat umbrella.