Reviews: The Tenant of Room 404

Willbyr's review

Even though the author himself says it sucks, I thought this was a very entertaining fic. Smith is pretty much an Anti Stu, being a homely, overweight, cynical, borderline-asexual misanthrope, but despite this he's very likeable and his interactions with the cast work nicely. The canon cast stays perfectly in character while being used in ways both familiar and new, and the new plot twists make for a really good story. There's also a small but important crossover element which is explored in much more detail in the sequel (see the rec for The Pilot of Room 403 on the NGE crossover page). Be warned of two things, though. Smith is a walking encyclopedia of all things firearm-related (which gets lampshaded many times), and thus the story is rife with Gun Porn, although I never found it distracting. Also, at times it's very dark, and there are instances of sickening brutality that touch many characters, both old and new. Readers will also have to deal with the comments made by other forum-goers in between chapters, which are typical forum fare.