Reviews: The Prince of Swords

The Prince of Sues

In the first chapter of The Prince of Swords, Kirito gently turns down the latest in a long line of prospective girlfriends, trounces Suguha's kendo instructor with his own dual-wielding style, and takes first place in a first-person shooter tournament when he's never played an FPS before. This pretty much sets the tone for the whole story.

For all his competence in the original story, Kirito's character was balanced out by his flaws, particularly his emotional dependence on Asuna and his reluctance to draw attention to himself. This fic throws the second of those two out the window as its premise and uses the changes caused by that change to make the first one irrelevant. Prince Kirito is a flawless mary sue whose only flaw (according to the author) is his supposed anti-social behavior. This in spite of the aforementioned harem, which he obtains by providing emotional support to Silica/Lizbeth/Asuna/etc on the first floor and generally being very outgoing and supportive of the people around him.

There are much better ways to write Kirito as a guild leader with his friends following his lead; a prospective reader is advised to spend his time writing it himself rather than wasting his or her time on the Prince of Swords.