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    • Akatsuki Daybreak: Seconded. This fic manages to be one of the most hilarious pieces of fan fic I've ever read while still keeping everyone more or less in character, something most lesser crack fics fail at. Just be warned, this is a dead fic after only two amazing chapters.
    • Arcane Azmadi: While you could call it a Dead Fic, you could also just consider it complete. It feels as much like the author never intended it to go beyond 2 chapters anyway, despite the potential for amusement, to avoid overstretching the concept. Either way, it's both hilarious and very well written, despite a single bizarre instance of Mood Whiplash.
    • Zeful: There are some minor errors that, while don't break the flow of the story, seem very odd when you read them.
    • Anonymous: Equally screamingly funny is this author's fic Cheaters Prosper about a much more cunning Naruto's approach to the chuunin exams.

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